Down to Earth Pottery
Classes and Policy
Experience the magic of creating a work of art with your own hands. Every piece is unique and personal to you. Relax and enjoy the peaceful art of wheel thrown pottery.
All classes are multilevel, whether you are brand new and need more instruction or experienced and continuing to develop your style, our small class size assures everyone the attention they need.
Classes are ongoing. Once you have taken a 4 week session you are entitled to keep your space until you decide to leave. All we ask is that you give us 2 weeks notice if you decide not to continue on.
Adult Wheel Throwing Pottery Classes (16 years & up)
DAY TIME COST per session 
Tuesday         10 am – 1 pm $140.00 (4-week session)
        6 pm – 9 pm $140.00 (4-week session)
Wednesday         10 am – 1 pm                       $140.00 (4-week session)
        6 pm – 9 pm $140.00 (4-week session)
Thursday         2 pm – 5 pm $140.00 (4-week session)
      6 pm – 9 pm $140.00 (4-week session)
Saturday         10 am – 1 pm                       $140.00 (4-week session)
A session is 4 weeks, classes are once a week.
Clay is $40.00 for 25 pounds of clay. This includes firing and glaze.
Tools are supplied for use.
If you miss a class you will be able to make it up at another time during your 4 week session.
After you start your first class there will be no refund of payment, so please make sure you can commit to the full 4 weeks.
Introductory Classes
Wheel throwing and/or handbuilding class (3 consecutive weeks)
$80.00 Plus $22.00 material fee (2 hour per week) Class times are within the 4 week class times above.
Learn to throw pottery on the wheel or handbuilding, trim, and glaze
Play with Clay (by appointment)
$40.00.  Get your hands dirty and try the wheel. This is an individual class for you and your group.
Make a bowl  then it will dry, get fired and you come back to glaze it. Call to schedule your appointment.
 $45.00 per person 
  • Birthday, Girls Night Out, Team building or any occasion.
  • Pottery Wheel class to create a unique keepsake of the day.
  • You supply the party materials, we supply the project materials and instruction.
  • Make your appointment to come back and glaze once they are dried and fired.
  • Max 10 people, call for availability.
  • 50% deposit required when booking.
Boy Scout & Girl Scout Classes
$35.00 per person

Choose from a variety of different projects that covers several different techniques in handbuilding & glazing.
                             WE CAN ALSO CUSTOMIZE A PARTY FOR YOU
Studio Time
For the experienced potters studio time is available during business hours. Time needs to be approved before you come to make sure there is space available.
Studio time is non instructional, you are basically on your own.
Beginning students need minimum of twelve classes before we can turn you loose on your own. 
For experienced potters we have two choices for studio rental……
Monthly: $80.00 /month includes unlimited hours plus $40.00 for 25 pounds of clay, firing and glaze.        Payment is due at the beginning of each month.
Hourly: $12.00 /hour plus $40.00 for 25 pounds of clay, firing and glaze
Payment is due at the end of each day.
Studio Policy
I know I hate policies too. But to keep law and order we need to have some ground rules.
  • Please clean up your area, wheel, tools and anything else you have used. It is important to keep the studio as clean as possible to keep the clay dust to a minimum.
  • Return all tools, paint brushes and clay back where they belong. Do not leave,  any by the sink to dry.
  • If you use the wedging table please sponge clean it after, do not brush it.
  • Mop any areas you have splattered clay or glaze.
  • Sweep up trimmings gently so as not to put dust in the air and sponge or mop any residue left by the dust pan. Please clean up trimming after done trimming all pieces and before moving on to anything else, ie throwing or glazing.
  • Take name off boards after trimming and stack them with others, put plastic sheet away.
  • When glazing be considerate to clean up drips and drops on the floor when it happens so they are not tracked through the studio or home to your carpet.
  • Clean up drips and drops on glazing table before someone sticks their elbow in it or puts their pottery on it.
  • Please make sure you wipe off any glaze from the bottom and the bottom ¼ of sides. Pieces will not be fired if they are not cleaned of glaze. 
  • Please do not touch anyone elses pieces for any reason in any part of the process.  I will move what needs to be moved. If you don’t find a space just ask.
  • Please conserve water, do not leave the water running.
  • Please do not pour beverages down the double sink drain, we have a special trap for clay solids so they will not clog the pipes or go into the sewer system and if food or drinks settle they make it stinky and we don’t like stinky.
  • Do not throw any clay down the drain, put it in the designated can.
  • It is advisable to wear long hair tied back so as not to spin your hair in your pot.
  • Always wear play clothes because you will get dirty! 
  • Any unfinished pottery left in the studio for more than 60 days will be finished and used for studio purposes, such as glaze samples, trimming examples, etc. unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Please make sure you can commit to the allotted time needed for each session because refunds will not be given after you take your first class.
  • Parking is available on A1A.
  • Studio Potters  in addition to above ……
  • Please remove your pieces from bats if possible and clean bats.
  • Cover with plastic and label with tape on  boards, please do not put tape on plastic.
Please call or email your reservation with payment method and time.
It is always best to leave a deposit or pay in full to hold your spot.
805 North Oceanshore Blvd.
Flagler Beach, Florida 32136